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Here are all the relevant links to Asap market, so that you can easily get through the right mirror to the official site. The list is updated every 24 hours.

What is Asap market

"Asap market" is a catalog with sellers, a marketplace of stores with goods of specific purpose. It is located in the dark part of the Internet, in the Tor network. The original name "Asap", mistakenly called: Asap, Asap market, Asap, union. The usual way the goods are not delivered, in fact it is a bookmark shop. Instead of a courier, you will receive an address and a description of the place where to pick up the order. There is round-the-clock support and legal assistance that the buyer and seller can request.

Asap market

How to go to Asap market

To go to Asap market use a Tor browser or VPN. Often the website of the marketplace is blocked in the En or even in the CIS, so they use bypass mirrors to enter.

  1. On the Asap homepage, you'll always see a verification code that needs to be entered correctly, in most cases more than one attempt is required. The captcha looks like this:
    Asap market
  2. After successfully entering the captcha on the main page, you will go to the Asap market login form. Fill out the appropriate form to log in to your personal account:
  3. Then select the city and use the filter by goods, sellers and stores.

Asap market link

link Asap

Go to site now Asap market

Asap Market url

Asap Market Mirror

There are still options to get to the main site through a mirror, but this will not change the procedure for entering Asap.

Asap market

The easiest way to get to Asap market link is to install a Tor browser or VPN, without them it will be much more difficult.

What the right site looks like http://asap4g7boedkl3fxbnf2unnnr6kpxnwoewzw4vakaxiuzfdo5xpmy6ad.onion

It is important to understand, on the screens of the mobile version and the PC version, the store site looks different. But the similarity of design elements is always present. Here's an average screenshot of the right site asap4g7boedkl3fxbnf2unnnr6kpxnwoewzw4vakaxiuzfdo5xpmy6ad.onion :
If there is a domain zone in the address bar Union, For example http://asap4g7boedkl3fxbnf2unnnr6kpxnwoewzw4vakaxiuzfdo5xpmy6ad.onion/ or new http://asap4g7boedkl3fxbnf2unnnr6kpxnwoewzw4vakaxiuzfdo5xpmy6ad.onion/, then you will see a fake site, since Asap market has the right domain extension Onion. Even if it looks like the real thing, be careful, it could be a fake copy.

Asap market

Always look at the address bar of the browser, so you will do everything right!

The name Asap market, what is the reason?

According to legend, the creators chose the name not by chance. Asap market (English Asap) - a three-headed creature, in fact, is immortal, cutting off the head of which a new one will immediately grow. Perhaps that's why there are so many blocked Asap market websites. But as expected, the head always grows instead of the cut off.
Asap market
The mythical Asap market looks like a huge dinosaur lizard that has eight heads, each of which is immortal.
In case anyone has not noticed, the always working and correct link to Asap market in Thor is located at the top of the site.

What you can buy on Asap market

In short – all sorts of prohibited goods.
In detail - since Asap market is a marketplace, in fact a collection of stores and sellers, the goods offered there are thematic. That is, each seller exhibits products of a narrow focus:

  • In one store you can buy tools and appliances.
  • In another, the purchase of products for oral consumption is available.
  • Third sellers may sell digital goods such as information, data, databases.

It is important to know that the responsibility for the purchase of such products and products on Asap remains with you.

Payment Methods

Briefly: all online payments except cash.
Cryptocurrency wallets: Bitcoin, Efirium, and other little-known wallets...
Bank cards: Visa, Master Card, Maestro.
Online payment systems: Web Money, Pay Pal.

By choosing anonymous payment methods on Asap, you additionally insure yourself.

Support & Assistance

Support staff are in touch around the clock. There is both a system of tickets in the account, and E-mail support. There is also an operator on the phone, but it is difficult to get through.
contact Asap market:
Site: asap4g7boedkl3fxbnf2unnnr6kpxnwoewzw4vakaxiuzfdo5xpmy6ad.onion
Tel: 8(800)991-981-9

Also on the official website of Asap there are contacts for legal assistance, and even medical advice.

Asap market